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2019 Motor Boat Awards Finalist – Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol

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MBY 2019 Motor Boat Awards: Finalists revealed

Salterns Brokerage are proud to announce that the world leading Sealegs Amphibious 9.0m Hydrasol has been nominated as finalist in the prestigious 2019 Motor Boat Awards.

The winners will be revealed at the Corinthia Hotel London on May 7 2019.

The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is the largest amphibious RIB Sealegs has ever produced. Measuring  just over 9m long, this amphibious craft has plenty of space in front of the console, along the tubes and behind crew seating.

Motor Boat & Yachting magazine recently spent a day exploring Poole Harbour on board the amphibious Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol:

2019 Motor Boat Awards Sealegs UK Instagram Sealegs UK Youtube

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