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Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Harry Redknapp TV Series.

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Sealegs Amphibious Boat to feature in Episode 3 of brand new series, Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer.

Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Harry Redknapp TV Series

Take a step into Harry Redknapp’s life and experience what Britain’s most luxurious and expensive seaside town has to offer. 

Produced by Naked Television, the four part series sees former Tottenham Hotspur & West Ham United manager and King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp, invite viewers to find out more about the exclusive place he has called home for 20 years – Sandbanks. 

To really experience this beautiful stretch of the Dorset coast, Harry takes his guests on a variety of adventures including a trip on a Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Episode 3. In this episode, Harry is joined on a Sealegs with Ceilia Sawyer, designer of luxury homes, superyachts, aviation and commercial properties.

We would like to say a big thank you to Richard, the owner of the Sealegs featured in the series, for letting us borrow his Amphibious Craft.

Sealegs Boat in Redknapp Series

Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Harry Redknapp TV Series.

Sealegs Boat in Redknapp Series

Episode 3 will air on ITV 4th March 2020 at 8pm.


Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer gives the audience an insight into this unique part of the British south coast peninsula, one of the most exclusive postcodes in the UK, where property prices are higher than in Monte Carlo. 

With some of the most expensive homes in the world, Sandbanks is nicknamed the Hamptons of England and viewers will get a guided tour of the area from its most famous resident. Harry offers a unique and personal perspective on his much sought-after manor, a far cry from the old East End where he was born and raised.

Each episode sees Harry invite viewers to explore the delights Sandbanks and its environs have to offer. With a host of famous friends joining him along the way, they’ll throw themselves into some of the activities that residents can enjoy. Whether it be with recent friends from the jungle, old friends from football, or the rest of the Redknapp clan, there is plenty to keep them entertained. Harry is also joined by his wife of 51 years, Sandra Redknapp, as they open the doors to their home to reveal a glimpse into the Sandbanks lifestyle.

See a Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Harry Redknapp TV Series.

Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks Summer | Starts Wednesday 19 February | ITV

Sealegs Boat in Redknapp Series – Episode 3 on 4th March 2020 at 8pm.


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Sealegs Amphibious Boat in Harry Redknapp TV Series

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