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Less Hassle. More Fun.

Using patented amphibious technology, Sealegs boats drive on land and with the push of a button swiftly transform themselves into uncompromised and high performing powerboats on water.  No more waiting in queues at boat ramps, no more reversing trailers, no more catching the tides.  Sealegs solve these problems and more.  Sealegs owners report up to four times more use from their boat after switching to Sealegs and it’s easy to see why. 

At Salterns Brokerage we’re the UK’s only approved supplier of these epic and fully customisable machines and can take you out for a trial at a time convenient for you.  Popular models include:

6.1m sport rib. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

The 6.1m Sport RIB is the most compact RIB in the Sealegs family, and it’s perfect for negotiating smaller garages and spaces, or as a super yacht tender. Small but powerful this rib can carry up to 6 passengers but is practical, efficient and the most affordable model in the Sealegs range.

7.1m sport rib. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

For the aspiring amphibian, the Sealegs 7.1m Sport RIB is the perfect amphibious boat to take fishing or exploring.  With a payload over 700kg and seating for up to 8 people the sky’s the limit. With walkaround access it’s perfect for fishing and packing gear – it’s even mighty enough to tow a water skier! The perfect combination for size, functionality and fuel economy

7.5m amphibious rib. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

The 7.5m amphibious RIB brings refinement and relaxation to the world’s most popular amphibious boat.  Highly configurable this new boat provides different seating, storage and usage options, and with 3 layout options the 7.5m RIB is the most customisable Sealegs to date.  This model can carry 8 passengers and uses the latest in amphibious Hydrasol and Electrosol tech to improve the on-water performance.

7.5m rib. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

Building on the new Sealegs 7.5m amphibious RIB platform, the Semi-Cab Rib protects passengers from the wind and weather, increasing comfort and protection. The 7.5m Semi-Cab features an innovative new electric windscreen which can be extended or retracted to suit weather conditions.  Fully customisable with different layouts and seating for up to 6 passengers there is also a daybed included in the bow.

9.0m hydrasol. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

The 9.0M Hydrasol RIB is the largest amphibious RIB Sealegs have produced and is a dream for anyone needed a large platform for their adventures.  At over 9m long with a huge space in front of the console, along the tubs and behind crew seating, this makes the perfect dive or fishing boat.  Also very popular with families as has the space for surfboards, paddle-boards and can carry up to 12 passengers.

12m cabin rib. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

Powerful, versatile and spacious the brand new 12M Cabin RIB is a large platform boat that suits both commercial and leisure activities. The 12m Cabin RIB can be customised and is the largest, safest and most luxurious Sealegs ever produced. For true amphibious boating freedom like no other orders are being taken for 2021 delivery.

6.1m D-Tube. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

Compact, robust and versatile the Sealegs 6.1m D-Tube is an all-aluminium hulled amphibious boat making it the perfect Sealegs for fishing trips and getting through rough terrain.  Go where you have never been before with this adventure boat.  The sport console allows quick and easy access to all sections of the boat and allows for endless customisation. 

7.7m D-tube. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

Robust, secure and capable the Sealegs 7.7m D-Tube meets the demand of those looking for a robust and versatile boat with ample deck space. The supersized all aluminium amphibious boat comes with a rugged design and substantial internal space. The sport centre console allows full walk-around access to the entire boat. Great for fishing and packing lots of gear.

8.5m alloy cabin. Sealegs Amphibious boats. salterns marina. salterns brokerage.

Comfortable, spacious and robust this 8.5m Alloy Cabin combines the comfort of an enclosed cabin and the latest technology to create an unbeatable amphibious experience.  The new EPS system ensures ideal steering performance and an upgraded 35HP inboard engine provides better traction in difficult terrain and a 250hp outboard means you’ll be comfortably cruising at 26 knots. 

For more information please contact Salterns Brokerage on +44(0)1202 707222 or email

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