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Advantages of aluminium boats

Anytec 747 Cab
Both Anytec and Sealegs use marine grade aluminium 5083 in the construction of their craft. This grade of aluminium has formidable anti-corrosion properties.

Salterns Brokerage are the UK dealers for Sealegs Amphibious Boats (built with aluminium hulls) and was also recently appointed the UK dealer of Anytec aluminium boats. The Anytec 747 CAB has subsequently received impressive reviews after boat tests by Motor Boat & Yachting and Power Boat & RIB magazines.

Although fibreglass certainly has its place, in this newsletter we have gathered some of the advantages of aluminium boats. View our Anytec and Sealegs boats here.

Aluminium’s shock absorbing capabilities make for a very well behaved boat even in rough seas (and no creaking noises). Offering stability even at high speeds, if you’re in an aluminium boat you can be rest assured that you’re e in a safe boat.

Anytec 747 Cab
Although fibreglass certainly has its place, in this newsletter we have gathered some of the advantages of aluminium boats.

While being exceptionally durable yet lightweight, the strength of aluminium panels is a huge advantage with a much lower risk of a hole in the case of a collision; even if dents to occur in shallow water, they can be pounded out without difficulty. Aluminium does not suffer any damage from the sun and also exhibits high resistance to corrosion and structural wear and tear, therefore little maintenance is required.

Anytec 747 Cab
Sealegs Amphibious craft built with aluminium hull.

Protecting our environment is becoming increasingly more important and aluminium can be recycled again and again. Additionally, they create very little pollution by means of requiring minimal maintenance. Fuel consumption is also reduced due to the metal’s light weight. This also means a smaller engine can be fitted without compromising on performance. A lighter-capacity trailer and a smaller tow vehicle can be used for lighter boats.

If you purchase an aluminium boat you will be making an investment for the future. Sealegs and Anytec boats look great year after year and retain much of their value when resold.

Anytec 747 Cab
Anytec boats are built to last – everything is welded by only the most skilled of welders; nothing is bolted! Anytec also prevent oxidisation of their boats by treating them with M400 which also gives them a fantastic shine.

In brief, with advantages of excellent handling, durability, minimal maintenance, better fuel economy, protecting the environment and value retention, aluminium should be a realistic consideration as the material for your next boat.

If you would like to know more about aluminium boats or if you are interested in trialling Anytec or Sealegs at Salterns Marina, please contact Salterns Brokerage on 01202 707222 or email info@salterns.co.uk