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The all new Anytec A27 & A23

Anytec Aluminium Boats

Anytec launch the all new A27 & A23.

The Anytec A27 & A23.

We proudly present the all-new Anytec A27 & A23. A new era of boating has begun. Fully-welded hull design, high-quality performance and reliable driving dynamics. The complete package!

Both Anytec A27 and A23 come with a cover integrated behind the aft sofa. As the weather turns, easily unfold the new cover without hassle.


Anytec are proud to present a completely new interior design system. This makes it possible to customise your boat to your own needs.

High speed and stability.

High speeds place high demands on good balance. With the Zipwake trim control system, Anytec A27 and A23 reach new levels of stability. This achieves balance and comfort. A safer and more comfortable ride.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from reduced resistance and fuel consumption. Without giving up quick acceleration. So have your cake and eat it!

Navigation system.

Whether you’re looking for quiet or fast-paced adventures, Simrads lightning-quick navigation system will help you get there. The combination of a high-performance multi-touch plotter with an incredible 4G Broadband Radar gives you a crystal clear image.

Anytec A27

Anytec A27

Choose comfort. Enjoy performance.

Anytec produce a wide range of inboard and outboard boats.

Salterns Brokerage is the sole UK Importer and Distributor of Anytec boats.

For full details contact Salterns Brokerage. 40 Salterns Way, Lilliput, Poole, Dorset, BH14 8JR, UK.

T: +44 (0) 1202 707222.   E.  info@salterns.co.uk


Anytec A27 & A23