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Bear Grylls love SEALEGS

Bear Grylls love SEALEGS

We’ve mentioned a few times over the years how much Bear Grylls, one of the UK and worlds most famous adventurous, loves Sealegs amphibious RIBS.  With their ‘push of a button’ technology taking you from Land to Sea in a matter of minutes they have been the perfect vessel for his private island off the UK west coast.  Bear can simply drive his SEALEGS straight from his boat house into the waters surrounding his home – making them the perfect watercraft for coastal living.

This is the third Sealegs Bear Grylls has purchased from Salterns Brokerage and his continued support is greatly valued by the whole team across the Salterns Group.  Our marine engineers at Golden Arrow Marine have ensured this highly customised craft is in immaculate condition for the handover and our Brokerage and Salterns Marina team have loved having this epic RIB stowed at the Marina over the last few weeks whilst Bear has carried out some new filming (more on this over the coming weeks!).

Bear had this lovely feedback to share regarding the level of service he received from Russell Hayden, our New Boats Brokerage Manager: ‘Thank You Russell for such a thorough and care-filled job, helping us customise our island Sealegs.  From design to delivery, always a Pro!’

This 7.7m Sealegs amphibious RIB is fully customised to Bear’s specifications and includes the following features:

  • High performance 250 HP Yamaha outboard engine
  • 35 HP inboard engine for beach and slipway cruising
  • Hybrid foamed filled tubes – so they never deflate
  • Fabric impression tubes
  • Customised console with higher windscreen and steps up
  • Customised instrumentation layout

This particular model was also the 1,500th produced from the Sealegs workshop and marked a significant growth achievement for these brilliant New Zealand manufacturers.  You can read more on this on their website HERE and watch their youtube video HERE

You can always use our Sealegs builder to customise your very own SEALEGS 7.5M https://www.salternsbrokerage.co.uk/product/customisemysealegs/

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Bear Grylls SEALEGS