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Brand New Sealegs Announced

Brand new SEALEGS 3.8m model announced. 


Salterns Brokerage are delighted to bring news of the first ever amphibious RIB yacht tender to hit the global market.

At just 3.8m in overall length, the new tender will be powered on land with a SEALEGS electric amphibious drive system and is designed to bring amphibious boating to the yacht tender market.  

Weighing less than 450 kg and with a height of just 1 meter, the craft is stowable in yacht transom garages, lazarettes or on deck. 

Constructed from fibreglass and paired with Hypalon inflatable tubes this small but highly detailed craft brings amphibious capability and versatility to owners shore trips – be that for visiting beachfront cafe’s & restaurants, remote beach landings or for yacht crew re-supplies.   The existing ‘push of a button’ patented technology means the tender can drive from water to land in comfort and style.

The electric drive system is quiet and subtle and the tender can carry up to 5 passengers – making it the perfect yacht tender of the future. 

Russell Hayden, Salterns Brokerage confirmed: ‘We cannot wait for this model to hit the market and test its capabilities.  The benefits of this tender in the superyacht market are endless.  Style, innovation, stow away efficiencies, electric ‘near silent’ power and low fuel consumptions.  A true game changer in this arena, we’re proud to be the only exclusive SEALEGS UK dealer that can offer 2022 pre-orders.’

Please contact Salterns Brokerage on +44 (0)1202 707222 or email info@salterns.co.uk for further details and information on ordering.

You can view other models from the Sealegs range here – many make the perfect superyacht tender.   The 7.5m is fully customisable and you can even build your own model on our website here – seating layout, fabric and tube colours, it’s all for you to decide!  

Production information can be viewed here  

new sealegs 3.8m model announcednew sealegs 3.8m model announcednew sealegs 3.8m model announced