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We are the U.K. dealer for Anytec boats.


For more than thirty years Anytec has strived to build the world’s best aluminium boats. The same guiding principles have accompanied us throughout: an absolutely uncompromising attitude with regard to materials and construction. This motivates us to further develop what is already the best product on the market. This year, Anytec returns stronger, faster and better equipped to meet the challenges of the sea than ever before.

However, one thing will never change: our unique hull design. Sharp, well-balanced hulls with just the right amount of power to give both drivers and passengers an awesome cruise experience.
 In this way we can keep the combination of performance, comfort and function that characterizes Anytec. All our boats are personally hand built by professionals, whose combined experience spans decades. While our approach ensures well-designed boats, we also take an artisan pride in what we do. We inspect every single weld and detail, all to ensure that the boat is of the highest quality from stem to stern.

Welcome to a whole new experience.

Welcome to Salterns Brokerage and the Anytec partnership.

The Anytec range includes 530 SPF, 530 SERIES, 622 SERIES, 747 CAB, 750 SERIES, 860 SPD,  868 CAB, and INBOARD BOATS.