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Sealegs has announced the release of its new 7.7m Sport D-Tube into its growing range of amphibious craft.  The craft pictured is the first completed.

Perfect for commercial use, the D-Tube is a fully aluminium pontoon craft.

Sealegs has gained many customer advocates of its original 6.1m D-Tube, which has stood the test of time since first production in 2005. Using feedback from these owners, and evidence from the market, Sealegs developed the larger version of the platform to meet the growing demand. The response was overwhelmingly positive to the new model when debuted at the Onetangi Beach Races on Sunday 26th February.

Built and assembled entirely in-house at its Auckland, New Zealand production facility, the new model features cockpit-side shelf storage, six rod holders in the coamings, six sealed and pressure tested chambers and the latest Sealegs sport console to accommodate a 12” multi-function display.

Like all Sealegs craft, the 7.7m D-Tube is powered by Sealegs patented Amphibious Enablement System, or AES. The AES, including a fully marinised system of hydraulically powered legs and wheels, is powered by a marinised 22HP inboard engine. The fully integrated, turn-key package uses the same fuel source as the outboard, and is simple to learn and engage. The placement of the inboard powerpack on the transom allows for additional storage beneath the helm seat.

Built to the demanding standards of CE and USCG, the 7.7m Sport D-Tube encapsulates the best of Sealegs technology in a rugged and agile package. You can learn more about the 7.7m Sport D-Tube by going to https://salternsbrokerage.co.uk/boats/sealegs.html

For further information, please contact:

Russell Hayden
Sealegs UK
Tel: 01202 707222 Email: info@salterns.co.uk