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Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol Review by MBY

Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine review the Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol Amphibious Craft.

We spend a day with Hugo Andreae exploring Poole Harbour on board the Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol amphibious RIB.

Sealegs’ latest and lagest amphibious RIB allows you to explore the parts that other craft can’t reach, as we discover on a very unusual tour of Poole Harbour” – Hugo Andreae of Motorboat and Yachting Magazine.

Filmed and edited by Richard Langdon: http://oceanimages.co.uk/

The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is the largest amphibious RIB Sealegs has ever produced. This model is a dream for anyone needing a large platform for their adventures. The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB comes in at just over 9m long. More than enough space in front of the console, along the tubes and behind crew seating.

Add additional seating behind the console pedestal seats with an auxiliary bench seat, or choose to give yourself more space instead. The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is perfect as a dive boat or fishing craft – or as the workhorse for family excursions. Fit surfboards, paddle-boards and more along the deck under the tube. The only limit is your imagination.

The Benefits

  • Single handed operation, giving one person the freedom to launch their boat by themselves
  • Immediate access to and from the water — no waiting, backing trailers, winching or parking
  • Embarking and disembarking no longer means getting wet
  • Children can safely be in the boat at all times, avoiding possible accidents
  • More time on the water, less time spent getting in and out of water
  • The ability to explore places inaccessible in a traditional boat
  • Greater use of your investment


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