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Salterns Brokerage are excited to announce the imminent arrival of the first Sealegs Interceptor 9000 to the UK, expected in early October 2016.

The Sealegs Interceptor 9000 is the largest model of its kind with seating for up to eight on board. The 9 meter  vessel features all the advancements found in the latest Sealegs models including the ability to be driven from a storage location or trailer, down a launching ramp or beach and into the water, while the occupants remain dry in the boat. Usually, a 22hp four-stroke engine powers the hydraulic systems used to raise and lower the legs and power the wheels, however the model arriving to the UK this October sports an upgraded 35hp engine.

The Interceptor 9000 is seriously robust with a heavy-duty windscreen and a wide console which provides added protection. These craft also come with the option of up to 8 Joltrider suspension seats which are fully adjustable depending on conditions and the passenger’s weight.

Although Sealegs have targeted their new model to meet the requirements of military and commercial users, it is also an advantageous option for pleasure boaters.  The craft can be customised in many different ways including alternative seating and storage options. The Interceptor 9000 is also a very responsive  and the increased size creates a smoother ride than the smaller models. Recreational boaters can also choose different colour options such as grey or white as well as black. 

If you would like to be one of the first in the UK to witness the Interceptor 9000 in the flesh, please contact Russell Hayden who will be presenting this historic craft at Salterns Marina during October. Whether you’re already a Sealegs owner, or if you dream of joining the band of Amphibians, we would love to see you!

Russell Hayden:  Tel: 01202 707222    Email: info@salterns.co.uk    www.salternsbrokerage.co.uk/boats/sealegs.html

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