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Sealegs News November 2017

Welcome to your Sealegs News. This month we look at the Sealegs order book and some Sealegs production updates.

Sealegs Order Book

Orders for new-build craft are flowing through showing a great demand for Sealegs which is awesome to see! Currently, for orders placed today, most craft will be completed and released from the factory in March 2018.
(The 9R is the exception as production and shipping of this craft is more involved so will have a further delay).

In order to ensure you are ready for Amphibious boating in 2018 place the order now to avoid any disappointment.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find a resolution for you.

Production Updates

New 9R Hull

Sealegs have just released a new revision to the 9R hull which will go into production starting with craft #1201.

Work has been done to the transom pod which now accepts the mounting of specific dual outboards (E-tec G2 150-200hp TRAC engines only), and boarding steps have been added to either side of the transom, allowing for much easier boarding of the craft. The bow cone has also been widened to bring it into line with the other Sealegs craft, which has allowed for the headlight to now be front-mounted.

Sealegs 9R Hull

Other important changes to the 9R hull include:

  • Latest generation bolt-on stern brackets
  • Provision for batteries in transom compartment to free up space in the console
  • Seating layout and mounting details updated

Ultimately, this new hull allows for more versatility with potential options and provides an opportunity for a more powerful craft.

Sealegs System 70

Sealegs displayed the new Sealegs System 70 on the Interceptor 9000 at the Auckland on Water Boat Show last month.

System 70 works to create more torque at the wheel, creating greater traction on all terrain. This is a huge benefit to the larger craft in the Sealegs range, specifically the Interceptor 9000.

Sealegs System 70

Key Elements:  Larger Diameter tyres, Longer Front Fork to accommodate the larger tyres, A 35HP Inboard as standard

Thank you!

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