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Sealegs News – Summer 2018

Sealegs News

Hello Amphibians,

Welcome to your Summer 2018 edition of the Sealegs Bulletin. In this edition we include: Production updates, video and this season’s top tip!

Sealegs sales are booming. Russell has been travelling the country handing over new Sealegs with more on order arriving imminently.

Additionally, the factory decided to invest in additional machinery in order to keep up with the continuous flow of new orders rolling in.

The usual lead time for new Sealegs orders is 4 months from point of order but this can vary depending on the factory’s order books. We also have an array of stock and pre-owned craft which are available immediately.

For further information contact Russell Hayden of Salterns Brokerage (Sealegs UK) on +44 (0)1202 70722 or E. info@salterns.co.uk

Call for Video and Photos

Check out this great footage from Richard, one of our Sealegs 7.1 owners in Abersoch.

Video and photos are fantastic ways to show the benefits, features and abilities of Sealegs craft.

As such, we would love to receive footage that you take of your Sealegs craft. There’s a very good chance that you’ll see it used on our social media channels and on our website. We will of course credit the owner of the video.

Anything that shows Sealegs craft doing the awesome things that Sealegs craft do would be more than welcome. If you have footage or photos you’d like to share, you can send links to the video or a download to info@salterns.co.uk.

Top Tip

If you’re driving in soft sand and find difficulty gaining traction, we highly recommend releasing the tyre pressure to 14 PSI or to the point where the tyre is slightly flat against the ground.

Ensure that you do not go as far as flattening it such that the wall of the tyre folds or the outer edge of the tyre is touching the rim, as this could cause damage to both the tyre and rim.

If you know you will need to regularly change tyre pressure – if for instance you will be launching your Sealegs on a soft sand beach and then landing and driving up a paved boat ramp, we suggest keeping a battery pack and electric pump inside the boat so that you can pump up your tyres on the go.

Another handy tip we have found is reversing over soft sand also improves traction.

Until next time, Be Amphibious!

The Sealegs UK Team

Sealegs News