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Sealegs Offer & News

As we enter mid-season, we want to share with you some exciting developments along with an amazing midsummer deal on a New Sealegs 7.1.

New Sealegs 7.1 – midsummer offer
We would like to offer you a very special deal on the below craft, a new Sealegs 7.1 Amphibious Rib 
currently on display in our showroom at Salterns Brokerage (click here for specifications)
Please do not hesitate to contact Russell Hayden at Salterns Brokerage should you be interested in discussing this extraordinary offer.
Tel: 01202 707222 or Email: info@salterns.co.uk

Sealegs 7.1 deal

The Sealegs Factory Walkthrough
This month, a Google partner created a virtual tour of the factory inviting you to see where the amphibious craft are made.
Take the tour by clicking the below image!
Sealegs factory tour

Interceptor 9000 to arrive in UK
The Sealegs Interceptor 9000 is the largest model of its kind and is arriving at Salterns Brokerage in Poole later this season! The Interceptor 9000 provides the same state-of-the-art amphibious technology our customers have come to expect with a full two metres more space. 
This craft is the perfect solution for potential amphibians yearning after a more spacious craft.

Interceptor 9000

Customised Sealegs 7.7 to soon be shipped to Salterns Brokerage
Arriving with us soon is 7.7 Full Width Console RIB with upgraded ORCA Hypalon 866 Black Carbon Tubes with a Carbon Fibre like texture. 

The customer has requested a full paint job in black with custom black upholstery.
The seating has also been customised with the creation of a small bed similar to the day bed option.
A further customisation is a Garmin 12” in place of the Simrad which has striking screen resolution.

We are really excited to receive this craft and to see the customer’s reaction to their customised Sealegs Amphibious Craft!

customised sealegs customised Sealegs2


Thank you for your attention to the Bulletin. We hope you enjoyed it.

If you would like to know more about Sealegs Amphibious craft, feel free to contact us
Tel: 01202 707222 or Email info@salterns.co.uk

Until next time, Be Amphibious!